Exploding Targets

ColorBlast Targets® are a fun & safe way to spice up your days at the range.  Each exploding target is composed of a specially designed and hand-made capsule filled with powder that explodes when shot, giving you an incredible new way to visualize your marksmanship.  There are no actual explosives in the targets, making them safe to shoot anywhere!


How It Works


Exploding Targets in Action

Why ColorBlast targets?

Always Know When You Hit A Target

Shooting at paper targets can get old, and it’s not always easy to know where the last round hit.  

With Color Blast exploding targets, you'll know what you hit each time

A Fun and Realistic Shooting Experience

Color Blast Targets are versatile and multi-functional.

Customize your colors and arrange your  exploding targets in a way that suits your needs.

Safe & Easy Cleanup

The specially formulated powder is safe to use and and the capsules stay in one piece after being shot, rendering all cleanup fast and easy.   There are no actual explosives in the targets, making them safe to shoot anywhere. 

The powder is non-toxic and non-hazardous, making it 100% safe to use and environmentally friendly.      

Always make sure to pick up and clean up the empty capsules when you're done shooting!


These targets were a blast for my family.  Fantastic explosions that really got my kids excited to shoot.  Loved the fact that each targets explodes more than once.


As I've gotten older, my eyesight has made seeing my shot placement more difficult.  With these targets I always know when I'm on target.  Five stars from me.


Color Blast Targets are both useful AND fun.  They are definitely a head turner at the range!  The worked even better than expected.  The powder does not stain and even smells good!



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Refunds and Returns

Refund Policy

In the rare instance that there is any damage to a target(s) in your order, we'll send you extra targets on the house to make up for it, on us!  Email us and we'll make sure you get even more than you bargained for, no returns, no questions asked, and no deadlines necessary!